“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”    – Anatole France

Oak Creek Small Animal Clinic is the place where we care for all pets as if they were our own.  From the moment a client enters our building there are comforting and courteous staff members waiting enthusiastically to welcome and administer assistance.  Whether you have a furry new puppy or kitten, a middle-aged pet or senior soul mate, we are here to meet the needs of all.

This community comprises a captivating atmosphere surrounded by glorious red rocks, crystal clear blue skies and families who adore their pets.  Named the number one animal clinic in Sedona for 10 years in a row, it is easy to understand why people flock to our doors.

Our veterinarians are not only enthusiastic and empathetic, their competence and educational experience is substantial.  They are well versed in surgical procedures, dentistry, diagnostics, innovative treatments for a wide variety of illnesses and networking with specialists.  Those traits coupled with their ability to demonstrate compassion and sensitivity make them superior in our locale.  Emergencies are handled with a sense of urgency and without panic.  Continued education in the forms of conferences, hands-on training and self-study is constantly on their agenda.  Each has special gifts and talents they use and often work together on complicated cases.  No stone is left unturned in order to make sure our furry friends health needs are met.

A warm, gracious and joyful front office staff is ready to greet visitors, field questions, retrieve information, schedule appointments and answer telephone calls. Those who come to Oak Creek Small Animal Clinic often say that our receptionists are the most helpful and delightful group they have ever experienced.  This stems from an atmosphere of teamwork and the fact that they are devoted to their job.  They help owners navigate financial issues and are there to provide emotional support when needed.  Hugs are the mainstay of their day, along with making sure no pet leaves without a treat!

Highly skilled and sensitive veterinary technicians and assistants await in the treatment rooms.  During their initial meeting with the client they make every attempt to understand what the concerns and issues are for the owner and get some baseline vital signs on the patient and some initial information for the doctor.  They assist in surgery and monitor anesthesia, administer medications, perform venipuncture and radiography, and sit with sick patients soothing them and nursing them compassionately.  Our lead technician has developed advanced dentistry skills and is the engine of our dentistry practice.

The profound sense of teamwork is a unique gift in this practice.  No one is unwilling to drop what they are doing in order to help a pet, a client or a coworker.  No job is too big or too small to be accomplished when working together.  When you walk through our front door it is obvious why we have been voted the number one veterinary clinic in Sedona for ten consecutive years!